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Posted August 3rd, 2010 by msbadvisors

“There are times when nonprofit organizations and philanthropists struggle to effectively respond to the needs of countless children, and their families, whose lives are challenged by poverty and its inequities.  MSBphilanthropy Advisors’ expertise in program design and evaluation, strategic planning and legacy planning assist nonprofit organizations and philanthropists in targeting responses that will enhance educational, social and economic outcomes.”  
— Rev. Alfonso Wyatt

“Dr. Boyce Ansari provided Cheyney University, America’s Oldest Historically Black College, a fundraising and public relations platform that increased its creditability and visibility across numerous markets.  Starita is patient and inspiring.  Through her alumni, students, faculty, staff, trustees and parents learned how to raise money. Because of Dr. Boyce Ansari we celebrate a state of the art science center and a new residence hall.”
— Larry and Carmen Skinner

“My dad passed as a result of mismanaged health care in the Dominican Republic.  MSBphilanthropy Advisors listened to my love for my father and my grief over his passing to help me develop a philanthropy strategy that benefits the Dominican Republic, honors my dad and supports my public health and safety interests. Thank you MSBphilanthropy Advisors for making my dad’s life more than just a memory.”
— Josiel Estrella

“Through the guidance of  Dr. Boyce Ansari our board no longer defines fundraising as merely asking for money for the annual appeal and special events.  It is an investment in the mission that requires continual cultivation of relationships, opening doors for the Executive Director and learning how best to make the ask.”
— Earlton Singleton

“MSBphilanthropy Advisors helped us to develop a long-term vision for our family’s philanthropy. When we started working with MSBphilanthropy Advisors, my husband and I had a vague idea that we wanted to support community mental health. MSBphilanthropy Advisors asked questions, one by one, that opened our eyes to a range of possibilities we had not previously thought about, making the philanthropic world understandable, encouraging us to speak with our children, and ultimately helping us to develop a 2-generation family mission and vision around supporting communities and community based organizations that promote equality, education, and health for people recovering from mental illness. We are extremely grateful for her creative and compassionate approach around these complex issues.”
— Carol Barash, PhD

“Starita’s most notable accomplishments were her ability to build relationships with funders and trust and estate officers with the essential goal of leveraging funding and advancing the Foundation’s impact on disability issues.  She created a grantmaking program that allowed the Board to increase the number of potential grantees worldwide.  We benefited from Dr. Boyce Ansari’s keen insight, knowledge and devotion to a mission that supports populations in need. Her work has shown us that major transitional matters that weigh on our vision, must be addressed.

Starita’s dynamic presence and leadership transformed the way we view and operate our Foundation and will no doubt have a long lasting impact.  Her expertise is complement by a strong, passionate and optimistic personality.  It is my belief that Starita inspires and cultivates the talents of those around her and is an unwavering advocate for equity, dignity and justice for all.”

— Roger Begelman, Esq.

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